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Storytelling Chair
Story Telling Throne.
Driftwood Beds Storytelling Chairs
Solid wood & driftwood Accessories.Dining Room Tables.
Composting Toilet design.

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From Nelson Mandela to Jamie Oliver, Sylvantutch furniture has captured the public imagination with its ecological and ethical origination. With a history of producing beautiful, functional and sustainable rustic furniture that spans more than a decade –and two continents – Sylvantutch is in the ideal position to offer unique products to a market tired of mass produced, off-the-shelf furniture.

Sylvantutch has a proven track record of making original solid wood furniture from low-cost materials, obtaining all of its wood from what others might consider to be waste products: recycled, reclaimed and salvaged timbers; local invasive species; off-cuts; driftwood. Sylvantutch furniture combines traditional tried and tested carpentry techniques with funky modern designs to create beautiful wooden furniture that is sturdy, stylish, functional and unique.


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