About Us

Here at Sylvantutch we approach the art and craftsmanship involved in the design and manufacture of rustic woodland furniture with a fresh and innovative style. Juxtaposing expert workmanship and artistic flair we combine modern designs with traditional rustic furniture making concepts to accentuate the charm of the old with the vibrant appeal of the individual contemporary touch.

Highly developed and skilful eco-friendly craftsmen, we believe that sophisticated and beautiful solid wooden furnishings perfectly create and compliment modern, healthy and organic lifestyle spaces. We take it upon ourselves to gather all of our materials from natural sources in an ecologically sound way, with minimum impact on the environment.

We know how to build furniture. We've been in the business for over ten years and have perfected the art of creating furniture that looks great and will also withstand the toughtest treament, from the weather or from the kids!

Lovechairs - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureGlass Oak & Slate Coffee Table - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureChesstable - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSlate Hobbit Stool - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureOak Bench - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic Furniture

Our designs evolve and materials vary depending on the location (from the wilderness of South Africa to the forests and beaches of Mid Wales) but the solid nature of what we create always remains the same.

From Nelson Mandela to Jamie Oliver, Sylvantutch furniture has captured the public imagination with its ecological origination. Every item is made from recycled, reclaimed, salvaged and sustainable materials. Using only dowels, Sylvantutch furniture combines traditional tried and tested techniques with funky modern designs to create beautiful wooden furniture that is sturdy, stylish and unique.

How do we do this without cutting down any indigenous trees?

Well, by salvaging everything we find and being resourceful. We use only reclaimed and recycled wood sourced locally in the foothills of the Outiniqua Mountain Range . Our striking solid furniture is created from scrap lumber, discarded tree trimmings, dead or dying trees, driftwood, and mainly from water sapping invasive trees.Cut down by South African National Parks and Working for Water.

Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSuzanne Galant - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSmall Round Driftwood Mirror - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureRecycled Oak Bench - Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic Furniture

Invest in some ethical woodland furniture: we offer a wide variety of individual and handcrafted pieces for customers who want an alternative to mass-produced goods. Created from all natural materials, our furniture is not only built to last, structurally sound and hardwearing, but will also be biodegradable in the end, too.

Look around our to view the vast range of natural handmade furnishings available. You might see something that catches your eye! Look out for our furniture shop, where you will be able to order a wide variety of products online.

About the furniture makers

We're a tribe of determined New Age eco-logical warriors with an entrepreneurial desire to succeed in authentic, ethical and low-impact sustainable business, with a timber twist. Everything we do is fundamentally influenced and inspired by Nature.

Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic FurnitureSylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic Furniture Sylvantutch - Sustainable Rustic Furniture

We've decided, with a crystal clear intent, to derive a more creative, intuitive and insightful approach to the preservation and conservation of our sacred heritage, the Magical Earth.

Welcome to the Gaia consciousness: business acting as a voice for the Earth and all her forests. The focus of Sylvantutch is the contemporary home and garden, where modern man and woman spend much of their precious time and energy in this, the tech-no-logical, age.

Bring the outdoors indoors.

"If Mohammed will not go to the Mountain, the Mountain must come to Mohammed.''

Welcome to the trans-frontier.

We are Sylvantutch - enjoy the ride! 

What does Sylvantutch mean?

SYLVANTUTCH -- AKA -- Silvantouch, Sylvan-touch, Silvertutch,  Sylvanmuch,
Sylvantrance, Sylvanian, Trancesylvania, Sylvantouched, Silvantouchedinthehead, Sylvantomuch, Silvertouch, Sliver, Slither, Slide
Where does this name come from....?

~ Relating to or characteristic of Woods or Forest regions.
~ Abounding in Trees; wooded.
~ A Spirit that lives in or frequents the Woods
~ Fabled deity of the Woods; a Satyr; a Spirit; a Faun; sometimes, a Rustic.
~ Medieval Latin sylvnus, from Latin Silvnus, God of the Woods, from Silva, Forest.

A Forest Spirit is a Faerie-like creature found in the legends, folklore, and mythology of many different cultures.
They are generally humanoid inform, though of a higher, spiritual nature and so possessed of preternatural abilities, along with such mystical qualities as otherworldly beauty and grace, an ethereal glow, wings, or the like.

1942 Century Dictionary definition: of Rustik;

Rustic; made or built in the country fashion or of simple materials after a plain or rude design,
made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of Tree's, as summer houses, garden seats.......
Rusticate to go to the country; stay or sojourn in the country.
Rustication The act of rusticating; or the state of being Rusticated; Rusticity the state of being Rustic; Rural character or Life.

" As the World becomes more and more prepackaged and sterile, the need  for Rustic Furniture Makers who bring Nature back into the Heart & Home grows..." Bim Willow

Where we are

We make our  Funky Forest Furniture in the Garden Route of South Africa.

After living in Wales for 6 years making furniture there...


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