With the ever deepening water crisis in the Cape Town area we're trying our best to come up with a suitable solution. This adapted design is now available at the same price as the old one. Is called the Urban toilet.

Please adhere to some basic guidelines. These guidelines are here to insure individual, community and environmental health. 

  1. Dispose of the contents of the bucket intelligently. Don't be idiotic and throw it in the sloot. Plastic 220 liter composting bins can be bought at places like BuildersWarehouse for R790, they are ideal. Otherwise wheelie bins are good compost bins, rat proof and flie proffo with the lid. If you can't get one, make one, it's not that difficult and they don't attract flies or stink. The reason for this is because the plastic mounded contraption below the seat causes the wee to go one way and the poo the other thus keeping what's in the bucket nice and dry (with the help from ONE cupful of soak, this could be sawdust, sand, wood ash even cat litter. Sawdust is the best as it is very important because the composting critters, who are doing the hard work of turning our poo into lovely useable compost for us, like to eat a balanced diet of carbon and nitrogen. Humanure contains a lot of nitrogen, so a good amount of carboniferous material is needed otherwise the excess nitrogen is released in the form of ammonia, which is very smelly.     Adding some earthworms, (Red wigglers) a bit of manure or leaf litter will all help speed up the composting.
  2. The wee is either piped out the back of the box and the pipe is buried in a hole in the garden called a soakaway. Where this isn't possible it is collected in a 5 liter bottle, this can be poured over your compost pile  down the drain or emptied out in the garden.
  3. You don't need soak if you're only having a wee.
  4. Just remember, no more standing and weeing, that you can do in the garden if you like. 
  5. With whatever dry loo system you're planning on using in the near future, and I'm especially talking to you guys from Cape Town, please please please don't ever allow the solid contents of any loo to end up in a black bag on some dump site. 
  6. Learn as you go.
  7. Plant a tree whenever you can, and
  8. When it rains again don't go back to your flush toilet.

Daar hoef nooit weer 'n drol in die drink water te wees nie.

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