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Over 3000 pieces of furniture have been created over twelve years for customers as diverse as Jamie Oliver, Nelson Mandela and the National Trust. Each piece builds on the  next bringing new materials, modern techniques and a desire to create truly unique and beautiful furniture for an ecologically sound future. Here are some of the comments over the years...

Customer Testimonials



Hi guys.

Sho, we were at a loss of words today, an absolute work of art. So special. All the planning, ideas and love you put in it, it really shows. All of you are amazing talented people, you have such an incredible way of  making a masterpiece out of offcuts. There are no words, maybe thats why we were speechless..

Love it love it love it. Oh, still eyeing the rhino.. Would love to buy it from u..

Wanted to ask... Just a thought... Can you make a horse , or horsehead, like you made the rhino?

Love to all. Xxxxxxxxxxx



Dear Beautiful people. Thank you for all that you have done for us and our dung.  It is going fantastically and I have been doing further research.  Attached is a fabulous ebrochure should anyone be interested in red wriggler and making a  worm farm.  The worms to add to the compost loo are the red wrigglers which are the same one's that are used in worm bins.I will send another link re adding compost, straw etc to the bin to get it started together with the wrigglers.There is a bit of a smell and would you recommend adding a vent. We are going to keep two bins going and that should also help with the smell. We love our loo and use it all the time. It doubles as a wonderful changing room for all the swimming that is happening in our dam now that the weather is hot. Big hugs and please come and visit when you are in the area again. My next project is a bio-digester for the main house.  If you are keen to help give me a shout.Big hugs mxxx





Hello Nick & Diane: 

Just a note to let you know that I just lu-u-u-u-u-uv my magical throne.  It is so-o-o-o-o unique.  Not surprisingly, everyone is going nuts over it!!!  At first, they look with awe (probably thinking 'is this possible?') and then they have to sit in it.  They comment that they feel transported to another place.  You outdid yourselves when you made this one - in sports terms, you knocked it out of the park!!!  Even conservative people are going crazee over it!  I put a hard wax on the little stool and it looks magnificent! 

While we were in front of the house, you mentioned the name of the timber/wood at the bottom of the chair - I guess the cross sections/pieces.  Please tell me again what type of timber that is. 

If anyone is interested in acquiring your special pieces, I will give them your e-mail address and other details.  So far though, people just 'o-o-o-o-o & ah-h-h-h-h". 

It was great meeting you!!!   Best of luck in all you do.  You can only succeed.

All the Best,


 Handmade solid wooden chair with driftwood.



Hi Guys

Thought you would like to see a few pictures of the restaurant  as we open today. We have had so many good comments about the chairs.

dining chairs  table



Good morning you all

Hope you had a good weekend.

Thank you for the set, it looks great! Its beautiful. We oiled it yesterday, but it is still in the garage to dry. Gonna do the last touch up tonight then we'll put it in the room. Will send you photos as soon as its done and moved (the garage doesn't make great photos to put on facebook ha-ha) Our friend (Barry's boss who came with him to collect it) was very impressed with your work. I think he already talked to Nick about a bar and stools which he wants! We will also contact you again some or other time when we have a bit of extra cash again, we are thinking of getting about 4x bar stools, but we will chat again when we're ready...

Thanx again and I'll send the photos during the week.

 Have a good day and thank Nick and the others as well




 Hi guys.

Wow, what a work of art the bed is?! Absolutely love it. It is like its alive. Thank you!

So special. We really appreciate it.

Lots of love



Sylvantutch furniture is unique, rustic and real! The quality is superb. I love that each piece is hand-crafted with care – the attention to detail is obvious. My home is a happier place with these beautiful pieces of furniture in it. Thank you!


(Next purchase is going to be a Sylvantutch tree house! We’re so excited to see the end result!)




Dear Dianne

On behalf of the Busy-Bugz Governing Body, I would like to extend a heart-felt thanks to Sylvantutch for so kindly sponsoring us a beautiful hand-made wooden chair worth R450.

Which will be used as a prize at our upcoming fundraising event, A Potjiekos Competition scheduled to be held in October 2012.

As a non-profit organization the school is dependent upon donations and sponsorships to help maintain the facilities.

Your gesture is therefore highly appreciated and will definitely be used at the event.


All proceeds are in benefit of Busy-Bugz Early Childhood Development Centre.

We are a dual medium community owned play-school administered by a governing body consisting of parents and educators.

We do not receive a government subsidy and thus rely entirely on funding from fundraising efforts and school fees of the parents.

Busy-Bugz, formerly known as the Sedgefield Pre-Primary School has been in existence since 1992.

It is generous people like you who make our communities a better place, and we thank you for your involvement, without you these things would not be possible.


Yours Sincerely

Kerrion D' Arcy

Busy-Bugz Governing Body 

Emma Morris, The Alton School

Hi I just wanted to contact you to say a Big Thank You for the fast delivery of our beautiful Storytelling chair!

We ordered it for our memorial garden (our wonderful colleague died from cancer 18 months ago) She was a strong believer

In Literacy, so we thought the storytelling chair would be perfect!  

We are having an open day with parents and visitors on the 2nd July so excellent timing.

Again a big thank you.

Emma Morris, The Alton School


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